How to Bio-Hack the Doom and Gloom NOW.

    Breath journey. Bio-energetics. Meditation. Shadow Work.
    August 8 - 9 2020

    Break through the doom and gloom. Be your own leader. Liberate your energy. Your body will thank you.

    Over 10 hours of live content with regular breaks away from the screen to relax and savour your new found energy.

    Tired of the 'same old'? Going round and round in circles in your life?

    *Why not dive in for a Breath Journey weekend with Phil Morey.

    'Phil has a wonderful way of helping you connect with the breath and the breath to the body. Pelvic breathing was just incredible. It enabled an expression to the inexpressible within. It is difficult to describe it in words, the closest I can find is it was like being high on energy. An altered state that was more primal and paved the way for a deeper access to myself.'


    Here's what you can expect;

    1) Morning ritual chakra breathing.

    2) Four different Breathwork sessions (2 per day)

    3) Four full emotional and energy release workouts (2 per day).

    4) A deep meditation into your shadow self to help heal any long forgotten (or long remembered) wounds.

    5) BONUS - personal follow up 30 min Zoom call one week past the end of the retreat with Phil Morey.

    "My heartfelt learnings have been profound. I've learnt how to breathe into my pain, my sorrow and my joy. I have more space in my body and mind for spirit to flow. This has changed my relationship with love" Anon.

    If you cannot make it on the weekend, the event will be recorded and uploaded for you to view at any time.

    Liberate yourself from doom and gloom. (There's a lot of it around). Give your mind a reboot. Your investment is $287 (AUD) for over 10 hours of live content.

    Still considering? Think about this weekend as a journey through different doors, which just may open onto something glorious for you!

    Birth - In the Beginning

    Your heart's desire for more freedom, inner peace, or whatever your soul most longs for can be realised in this journey. You will honor your passage to finding your higher truth.

    Emergence from the Cocoon

    As you travel down the path, key challenges in your life may emerge that need to be confronted, healed and transformed. While in deep process you will be fully supported to navigate all that arises. Active meditations & Breathwork will help you discover what's holding you back on the path.


    As you surrender into your journey, you will illuminate parts of yourself that are hidden from view. As you trust the breath to open more into these of parts of yourself, then the real healing happens.

    Grace and Possibility

    Standing on the threshold of major healing and transformation in your life, you become more available to the gifts of grace and bliss.

    Pathways for your self-realisation become crystal clear.

    You are now ready to re-enter the world without self-censorship or compromise.

    *'Wow - such a simple technique produces profound change on a deep level. I have been counselled for years by some wonderful therapists and had my body worked on by some incredibly skilled healers - but none of this work came close to what I experienced on this retreat. I finally knew and understood the patterns that were keeping me trapped.

    Phil created a beautiful sacred safe space allowing the group energy to unfold. The whole weekend became a truly connected experience - a fabulous life changing retreat - worth every cent . I think I am in danger of becoming a Breathwork addict!'


    'For me, this was the most profound and amazing life changing experience. I was able to completely let go and surrender my mind. For the first time, I fully entered my body, every cell of my being was alive. Feeling totally supported by Suzanne and Phil, my spirit and body began to release old trauma which was stuck and hidden deep within my being.

    I felt safe to go deep to the core sensations: identifying, validating and letting go of what no longer served me. In that new found space, pure love flows. Since these Breathwork sessions I feel more clarity, inner peace, contentment and confidence. It’s a joy to be me.

    Love flows through me, for me and all those I am blessed to have in my life. '


    If you want to know more about this event fill out the contact form below! Or find me at Inspired Breath Solutions on FB and send me a message.

    About Me

    Philip Morey has led over 100 group Breath Journeys over a decade, co-facilitated Breath retreats for over five years and is always deeply humbled by the sudden transformations that occur during The Breath Journey.

    His spiritual path began after being beset by panic attacks and anxiety when he was in his early 20’s. First attempts were made to control these using mindfulness meditation. He found it was a fair technique for reducing his levels of anxiety and nervous energy but he came to realise that mindfulness cannot really dig down far enough to deep underlying patterns which are beyond your life story. Some of these roots of disturbance go right down to before birth, into ancestral and past life material.

    After studying extensively with Deva Daricha at the Centre For Human Transformation in Melbourne , Australia for a decade, he came to a much more solid and grounded place in himself. (And a lot less like some detached, above it all, sensitive new age guy!) His teaching came from a teacher who was fully conversant in philosophy, comparative religion, scientific research and Australian indigenous spiritual traditions.

    Phil now has a thriving retreat business in Australia.

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